Plantation Services

Tropicrop has the experience and capability to provide the complete range of Plantation Services which include:

Pre-development Services

  • Soil Sampling and Suitability Surveys of Project sites.
  • Plantation Development Planning.
  • Plantation Feasibility Study and Financial Analysis.
  • Preparation of Project Bankable Documents.

Development Services

  • Extraction of Timber from Project Site.
  • Jungle Clearing, Terracing and Levelling, and Planting.
  • Sourcing and Ensuring the Purchasing of Quality Planting Materials, Fertilizers, Herbicides and Insecticides.
  • Planning, Designing and Establishment of Pre- and Main Nursery.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep of Immature and Mature Oil Palm.
  • Formulation of Agriculture Policy catered to the needs of the Client.

Management and Advisory Services

  • Overall Plantation Management and Administration Services.
  • Plantation Advisory Services.
  • Agronomic Services - Fertilizer Recommendation and Plant Nutrition Management Programme.
  • Pest and Disease Control and Management.
  • Marketing Services for Plantation and Farm Products.
  • Bench marking and Agricultural Audits.

Our Services

An outline of the Scope of Services provided by Tropicrop is presented below:
Plantation Services

Tropicrop provides the complete range of plantation services which include pre-development services, development services and management and advisory services.

Processing Facilities
Establishment and Management

Tropicrop offer services in palm oil mill and rubber factory consultancy.

Handling Agent for Agricultural Produce

Tropicrop manage the handling of oil palm seed consignments for export to the handling and forwarding of agricultural produce

Other Services

Tropicrop services covers assessment studies right down to staff training.

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Tropicrop International has recently been awarded 4-stars rating under the SME Competitiveness Rating for Enhancement (Professional Services) categoty