Service Providers

  1. Tropicrop Agricultural Services Sdn Bhd (formally known as Sumber Saga Sdn Bhd, incepted on February 3, 1992) was established to provide a wide spectrum of Technical and Agro-Management services ranging from commencement of projects to the enhancement of project viability.
  2. Subsequently, Tropicrop International Sdn Bhd was formed as an agency house to synergize with the investor by providing efficient and comprehensive management services to the projects.

With this inception, Tropicrop Group is in a position to offer exemplary and comprehensive plantation agro-management as well as agro-forestry management services to agro-based industries in the Asia Pacific Region and Tropics. The group’s technical capabilities in processing would also enhance value additions to plantation produce of the projects.

The scope of services includes a broad category of the following:

  • Pre-Development Studies and Assessment
  • Development and Establishment of Plantations
  • Management and Advisory Services
  • Agronomic Services
  • Agro-forestry Management
  • Sustainable Tropical Forest Management
  • Reforestation of Logged Over Land
  • Handling and Forwarding of Agricultural Produce
  • Horticultural and Landscaping Advisory Services
  • Plantation Management Information Systems
  • Palm Oil Mill Consultancy
  • Rubber Factory Establishment
  • Rubber Process Management and Consultancy
Tropicrop International Sdn Bhd
Tropicrop Agricultural Services Sdn Bhd

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